New study presented: Improving the business climate and boosting investment

On 7th November 2019 the German Economic Team (GET) Moldova and European Business Association Moldova (EBA) presented their joint study “Improving the Business Climate – Boosting Investment: Proposals from European business in Moldova” at a common event. Content of the study: 21 reform proposals to improve the business climate and increase investment. In the audience: high-ranking representatives of the Government of Moldova, representatives of international organisations, European business executives, economic experts and media representatives.

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Each proposal clearly identifies a concrete problem experienced by companies and addresses a solution. Proposals were made by the member companies of the EBA and were then analysed by GET experts to ensure their suitability, effectiveness and consistency with broad reform objectives such as competitive and free markets.

“In order to create a favorable environment for the business, it is extremely important to align long-term strategies with the goal of ensuring security and equity, “said Jose Luis Gomez Pascual, Vice-President of the EBA Moldova and head of the Fenosa group in Moldova at the event.

“Our study addresses weaknesses in the Moldovan business climate with very concrete, easy-to-implement proposals for reform. Implementing these proposals will help Moldova to attract more investment and grow faster“, comments David Saha, Consultant of the German Economic Team Moldova and main author of the study.

The event attracted a lot of interest from the audience and after the presentation of the recommendations a lively discussion followed. Representatives of the government confirmed an implementation review of some of the proposals. The process will be accompanied and supported by the German Economic Team Moldova.