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Economic Monitor

The Economic Monitor, published every six months, provides a concise overview of the overall economic situation. Apart from general macroeconomic trends, current economic policy issues are also covered.

  • Economic Monitor Armenia

    WA 06 | November 2021

    The Armenian economy is recovering from the fallout of the Corona pandemic. Higher remittances as well as the prospects of political stability after a clear election result stimulate consumption.

  • Economic Monitor Kosovo

    WA 1 | September 2021

    The pandemic had a strong negative impact on the Kosovar economy. However, strong fiscal policy support, high remittances from the large Kosovar diaspora, as well as monetary support measures mitigated the shock.

  • Economic Monitor Uzbekistan

    WA 05 | June 2021

    The Uzbek economy has muddled through the Corona pandemic relatively smoothely. High growth rates are expected to return in 2021.

  • Economic Monitor Georgia

    WA 14 | June 2021

    The Georgian economy is likely to experience only a modest recovery. The main reason is the sharp decline in the tourism sector, which constitutes an important part of the Georgian economy.

  • Economic Monitor Belarus

    WA 14 | June 2021

    Real GDP will decline this year. However, high uncertainty makes forecasting difficult.

  • Economic Monitor Moldova

    WA 14 | June 2021

    The country’s economic recovery continues despite ongoing political uncertainty. Exchange rate and inflation rate stable.

  • Economic Monitor Ukraine

    WA 14 | 2021

    Ukraine is recovering relatively quickly from the consequences of the Corona crisis. However, reforms to strengthen growth remain necessary.