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  • 05.03.2024

Workshop on applied macroeconometrics with the Central Bank of Uzbekistan

The German Economic Team’s trip to Tashkent took place in the week from 5 to 10 February. In addition to a series of meetings, a key part of the trip was the workshop on applied macroeconometrics at the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

The workshop was conducted by Dr Konstantin Kholodilin from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). The focus was on teaching advanced macroeconometric methods, including

  • Vector autoregressive models (VAR and BVAR),
  • Vector error correction models (VECM),
  • Factor augmented vector autoregressive models (FAVAR) and
  • Mixed Frequency Data Sampling (MIDAS) methods.

Uzbek economic data was predominantly used to demonstrate and practise the methods taught.

The workshop, which lasted several days, was clearly well received by the employees of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, which was reflected in numerous questions from the participants and a concentrated and committed working atmosphere during the event.

Copyright Photo: BE Berlin Economics