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Newsletter 144 | Oct 2020

Amendments to the Tax Code in 2020: The “BEPS law”
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Newsletter 143 | Sep 2020

German FDI in Ukraine: A valuation issue
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Newsletter 142 | Aug 2020

Key trends in Ukraine's banking sector
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Policy Briefing 07/2020

Banking Sector Monitoring Ukraine. Assessment of past reforms and COVID-19 impact
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Technical Note 02/2020

Decline in German direct investment (FDI) to Ukraine in the Ukrainian statistics
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Newsletter 141 | Jul 2020

The German EU Presidency and Implications for Ukraine
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Newsletter 140 | Jun 2020

Land market: how much light do we see at the end?
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Newsletter 139 | May 2020

Covid-19 leads to sharp contraction of Ukraine’s economy
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Logo Deutsche Beratergruppe
Until the end of 2019, the activities in Ukraine were implemented under the project name “German Advisory Group”, which have been continued since the beginning of 2020 under the new project name “German Economic Team (GET)”. The background of this name change is a standardization of the project appearance in all partner countries.