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Major challenges in the Uzbek transport sector

4. December 2021

Online Workshop “On Economic and Digital Diplomacy”

On December 3rd, Bernhard Duch gave a presentation during the online workshop “On Economic and Digital Diplomacy”, which was organised by the Uzbek government in cooperation with UNDP. Since 2017, the Uzbek economy has been successively opened to international markets, resulting in a strong interest among government officials to gain international experience in the field of economic diplomacy.

  • Christoph Gipp, David Sonnenberger, Woldemar Walter

    Uzbekistan’s transportation sector: Brief status analysis and major challenges

    • Uzbekistan
    • Policy Study
    PS 01 | 2021
    • Governance and Public Administration
  • 18. November 2021

    Newsletter Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

    The topics of our newsletter: Digitisation in Ukraine, the future of Georgian electricity supply and the Uzbek reform balance sheet

  • Veronika Movchan, Woldemar Walter

    How to realize Uzbek export potential to the EU: Key bottlenecks in two value chains

    • Uzbekistan
    • Policy Briefing
    PB 07 | 2021
    • International Trade and Regional Integration
  • Economic Monitor Uzbekistan

    WA 05 | June 2021

    The Uzbek economy has muddled through the Corona pandemic relatively smoothely. High growth rates are expected to return in 2021.