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Event on the digital transformation of the Ukrainian economy

On November, 4, 2021, the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine), the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce (KCC) and the German Economic Team (GET) jointly organised a public event on the digital transformation of the Ukrainian economy.



The event was introduced by Alexander Markus, Chairman of the AHK Ukraine, and by Mykola Zasulsky, President of the KCC, as well as David Saha, Consultant of GET.

Thereafter, Dr Alexander Knuth, Consultant of GET, presented a comprehensive study on this topic which is based on a representative survey of 500 companies in Ukraine he and his co-authors analysed. While companies in Ukraine have an optimistic perception of digital transformation, the digital technologies they use are not far advanced.

The main challenges and obstacles for digital transformation were intensively discussed with representatives of the business associations as well as different companies.