Policy Paper 02/2019

The concept of entrepreneurship in the regulative frameworks of Germany and Belarus

Belarus has recently adopted some reforms that simplify and liberalize the registration of a number of economic activities.

We compare and assess the recent reforms with the concept of entrepreneurship in the German law with a special focus on

  • Permission and registration requirements and
  • The legal status of natural persons, who carry out economic activities.

The freedom of economic activity is one of the basic principles of German Law. The Belarussian regulation is still not close to that principle, because many types of economic activities still require permissions and/licenses in Belarus. The recent reforms are step forward though.

The Belarussian legal construct “Samozanyatyy” – activities that require neither registration nor permission – does not exist in German law. Considering the Belarussian economic situation, the concept of “Samozanyatyy” could serve as a catalyst for the economic transition for a limited period of time.

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