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Wirtschaftsausblick Kirgisistan

Die kirgisische Volkswirtschaft ist 2022 trotz der Auswirkungen des Ukraine-Kriegs stark gewachsen, allerdings lastet eine hohe Inflation auf dem Land. Zudem gibt es eine zunehmende Exportabhängigkeit von Russland.

  • Kirgistan
WA 1 | Oktober 2022
Makroökonomische Analysen und Prognosen

Auf Englisch und Russisch


  • 2021: GDP growth of 3.6%
  • 2022: no negative effect of war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia so far; instead, high growth of 7.7% in 7M 2022 due to increased gold production and robust remittances
  • Rising food prices and high inflation (15.6% in Aug-22) lead to economic and social problems
  • Volatile exchange rate: depreciation after beginning of the war in UKR, afterwards appreciation vs. the US dollar; Som appreciation also supported by influx of Russian citizens
  • Imports up by 67% in 6M 2022, while exports remain flat; but expected resumption of gold exports should strongly increase exports
  • Currently large current account deficit, but magnitude should decrease due to resumption of gold exports
  • Low budget deficit of 1.3% of GDP in 2021; should be even lower in 2022; government debt of approx. 61% of GDP relatively high, but should decrease in light of high growth

Special topics

  • Energy balance and trade. Potential to increase electricity trade with neighbours
  • Kumtor mine dispute. After settlement of dispute in July 2022, resumption of exports imminent

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