Newsletter Issue 09 | November – December 2020

Uzbek exports to the EU in 2019 amounted to just USD 160 m or 1% of total goods exports, which is low compared to other Central Asian countries. At the same time, the Uzbek Government is very interested to increase exports to the EU and thus to diversify.

Based on historical trade data and relative comparative advantages, we examine which products have the highest export potential on the EU market. In our calculation we take the forthcoming introduction of EU GSP+ explicitly into account.

We identify three distinct groups of products featuring the highest export potential on the EU market: (1) fruits and vegetables, including products at very different stages of processing – from fresh to frozen to fully processed; (2) metals, comprised of semi-processed ferrous and non-ferrous metals; and (3) textile and apparel, ranging from cotton yarn to baby apparel and specialised suits.

To tap this potential the Uzbek government and business should identify and remove export barriers, which might include limited production capacity, underdeveloped logistics, limited adherence to EU standards and insufficient marketing.

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