Policy Dokumente

Policy Briefing 04/2020

European Competition Network (ECN) Plus Directive. Implementation in Germany and its application to digital trade & online platforms

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Policy Paper 01/2018

Increasing consumer loan transparency: The role of the annual percentage rate of charge

Transparency in advertising of consumer loans is not only important for consumer protection reasons, but also for the stability of the financial sector. The average percentage rate of charge (APR) is, in this regard, a highly useful tool as it includes all the costs of a credit and expresses them in a single number, thus makes different loan offers easily comparable for borrowers. In this policy paper we analyse the transparency situation in the Moldovan consumer credit market with a focus on appropriate use of the APR in advertising.

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Policy Paper 03/2017

Potentials and Key Features of Pilot-Cluster Structures in the Automotive Supply and TAFL (Textile, Apparel, Footwear and Leather Goods) Industry in Moldova

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