Policy Briefings

Policy Briefing 07/2019

Export opportunities for Georgia generated by the membership in the PEM Convention

Part 1: opportunities for intensified exports of intermediate products


Policy Briefing 06/2018

Economic impact of Turkish Lira depreciation on Georgia


  • Large nominal TRY depreciation vs. GEL (42%)
  • Real TRY/GEL depreciation is only 20%; thus: sizeable, but not so large
  • Impact so far: less GEO exports of consumer & capital goods; more imports from TUR; both in line with the theory
  • But: higher GEO exports of raw materials and intermediary goods to TUR; reason: global value chain effect
  • Estimated impact in the future: moderate impact on aggregate trade in goods, but strong sectoral impact on textile exports (esp. T-Shirts)
  • Services, remittances: moderate impact expected
  • FDI, banking: little impact expected
  • However: impact would change in case of higher depreciation of TRY and/or recession in TUR
  • Thus: need to monitor the situation

Policy Briefing 06/2017

Approximation of capital markets legislation to EU standards: Commitments under the DCFTA and priorities in Georgia’s capital market strategy


Policy Briefing 02/2017

Unlocking the export potential of Georgian agriculture

Aim of this Policy Briefing: Recommendations for boosting agri-food exports

Structure of the Policy Briefing:

  • Analysis of current agri-food exports
  • Identification of potential
  • Constraints on current exports
  • Options for producers
  • Policy recommendations

Policy Briefing 01/2017

Developing creative industries: Approaches and international experience


  1. Contribution of culture and creativity to the economy
  2. Definitions: from creative industries to creative economy
  3. Why develop the creative industries and creative economy?
  4. Supporting creative industries and creative economies
  5. International experience
  6. Towards a creative economy approach for Georgia