As part of our consulting work, we create numerous publications:

Policy Documents

Policy Papers

Policy Papers discuss specific issues concerning economic policies in great depth. The issues are analyzed from various perspectives, so that concrete recommendations for action can be derived.

Policy Briefings

Policy briefings provide an overview on an economic policy in the form of a presentation, and include recommendations for policy makers. They are the most common format for presenting the results locally, and have the advantage that results can easily be captured visually.

Policy Studies

Policy studies provide in-depth analyses of politico-economic topics. This format allows for the detailed discussion of multi-layered problems, and offers well-founded recommendations for policy measures.

Technical Notes

Technical Notes summarize technical details of our analyses, such as the macro-economic model used, extensive regulations, etc.

Economic Monitor

The economic monitors are published semi-annually, and provide an overview of the general economic state of affairs of a project country and briefly present selected topics from our consulting work.


Our newsletters summarize topics from our consulting work for a broader audience in a comprehensible manner, and serve our public relations.