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Target groups for investment attraction in Germany

  • Oleksandra Betliy, Vitaliy Kravchuk, Garry Poluschkin, Robert Kirchner

    Economic forecast for 2022: Back to the old growth path

    • Ukraine
    • Forecast
    FOR 01 | 2021
    • Macroeconomic Analyses and Forecasting
  • Björn Vogler

    Prioritising target groups for investment attraction measures in Germany

    • Ukraine
    • Policy Briefing
    PB 14 | 2021
    • Private Sector Development
  • Robert Kirchner, Vitaliy Kravchuk, Maria Repko, Garry Poluschkin

    Banking Sector Monitor Ukraine

    • Ukraine
    • Policy Briefing
    PB 13 | 2021
    • Financial Markets
  • Dr Alexander Knuth, David Saha, Garry Poluschkin

    Progress and challenges in the digital transformation of Ukrainian businesses

    • Ukraine
    • Policy Briefing
    PB 11 | 2021
    • Private Sector Development
  • 29. November 2021

    IT sector development Ukraine: Panel discussion

    On 26 November, the German Economic Team (GET) and the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (OA) jointly organised an online event on the Ukrainian IT sector.

  • Yurii Gaidai, Dmytro Goriunov, David Saha and Maria Repko

    Combating revenue underreporting in the simplified tax system: Analysis and recommendations

    • Ukraine
    • Policy Paper
    PP 03 | 2021
    • Governance and Public Administration
  • 26. November 2021

    Event on the digital transformation of the Ukrainian economy

    On November, 4, 2021, the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine), the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce (KCC) and the German Economic Team (GET) jointly organised a public event on the digital transformation of the Ukrainian economy.