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David Saha

Reform proposals from German companies in Uzbekistan

Reforms to modernise Uzbekistan towards an open market economy are proceeding at pace. To support this effort, the German Economic Team (GET) and German business associations active in Uzbekistan presented a study of 18 reform proposals.

  • Uzbekistan
NL 11 | March - April 2021
Macroeconomic Analyses and Forecasting

The proposals are based on suggestions from companies and hence constitute concrete steps to solving practical problems. If implemented, they will contribute to further improving the investment climate, thus unlocking more investment in Uzbekistan.

Proposals cover both comprehensive, wide-ranging reforms that address fundamental issues as well as more incremental reforms intended to quickly and easily remove problems in the business environment. Both types of reforms are important and complementary. Whereas comprehensive reforms have higher impact, they often take some time to implement. These suggested “high-impact reforms” include the introduction of proportionality as a legal principle and broadening investors’ protection against unexpected changes in the legal environment. On the other hand, smaller reforms, out of which five are highlighted as “quick wins”, are quickly implementable and can already deliver tangible results. Quick wins include abolishing the “act of acceptance” and recognising CIS conformity assessments for imports. The German Economic Team is ready to support the government in the implementation process.

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