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David Saha

Reforms to improve the investment climate in Armenia

Increasing private investment is vital to help Armenia return to a path of solid growth as experienced before 2020. This requires continuous work on the business and investment environment. To support the government’s ongoing efforts, the German Economic Team and three business associations active in Armenia presented a study of 13 proposals addressing issues experienced by Germany- and EU-related companies and investors in Armenia.

  • Armenia
NL 1 | September-October 2021
Private Sector Development

The proposals cover the entire business environment, ranging from simplifying problematic trade formalities to combatting market concentrations, from sweeping, comprehensive reforms to solutions of clearly delimited problems for companies in a specific field. Outlining concrete reform steps to be taken, proposals are designed to be relatively easily implementable. If implemented, they will contribute to further improving the investment climate, thus unlocking more investment in Armenia. The German Economic Team is ready to support the government in the implementation process.

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