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Ilona Sologub

Reforms in Ukraine: Judiciary reforms are necessary

VoxUkraine has been evaluating the expected impact of economic reforms since early 2015. During that period, about 40 experts evaulated over 1150 legislative acts (a third of which were approved since 2019) that change “the rules of the game”. In this newsletter we provide an overview of recent reforms since 2019. During this time, our index has never reached the peaks of 2.5-2.6 points (out of 5 possible) we’ve seen at the beginning of 2015. Despite this slowdown, a few recent reforms are worth highlighting. While the opening of the land market after 18 years of moratorium is an important success, there are obstacles in the implementation of judicial reform.

  • Ukraine
NL 155 | September 2021
Governance and Public Administration

Despite initial promises, the adoption of laws that ‘reload’ the judiciary was not easy, and their implementation will be even harder. However, this battle cannot be lost. Because in its current state, the judicial system is not only a major impediment to future economic growth, it is also the greatest risk to already adopted reforms.

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