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Carolin Busch

Moldova’s parliamentary elections – positive outlook

The parliamentary elections in July strengthened Moldova’s progressive political forces. Hence, expectations for political and economic reform projects are high.

  • Moldova
NL 66 | July-August 2021
Governance and Public Administration
Private Sector Development

Parliamentary elections took place in Moldova on 11 July. PAS, a reformist party founded by President Maia Sandu, won 63 out of 101 seats – a sufficient majority to govern alone for the next four years. Subsequently, the new cabinet was voted in on 6 August, which is led by Natalia Gavrilita as prime minister, a Harvard graduate, and a former minister of finance in Maia Sandu’s government of 2019.

Expectations are high, but as PAS campaigned mainly on fighting corruption, an important battle emerges against the Prosecutor General, whom they consider unfit for the job, but who cannot be easily sacked. The new cabinet was re-organized from nine ministries to 13, but the main highlight was appointing a deputy prime minister for digitalization, a topic rather ignored throughout the pandemic in the previous legislature.

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