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Björn Vogler

Cluster-oriented reform model for free economic zones

The first free economic zone (FEZ) in Uzbekistan was established in 2008. Since then, 20 additional FEZ were created throughout the country.

  • Uzbekistan
NL 02 | September – October 2019

Drawing on international experience, a reform process has been initiated in 2018 to increase the effectiveness of the zones. As one reform option, a cluster-oriented model has been examined.
Considering the preconditions in Uzbekistan, Tashkent and the surrounding region offer the most promising potential for utilising synergies between zone and cluster development. A phased approach is recommended. The initial focus should be on developing a pharma park in Tashkent and on implementing a cluster management structure covering the capital as well as the surrounding region and pharma zones (Bustonlik, Parkent, Sirdaryo). In a second phase, further pharma zones, companies and institutions could be integrated. Finally, the approach could be applied to other industries.

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