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The DCFTA has been a cornerstone of economic relations between the EU and Georgia since 2014. In the same year, the German Economic Team started its activities in Georgia.

The Georgian economy is strongly oriented towards services, including an important tourism sector. However, there is also a small industrial sector and a large part of the labour force is still working in agriculture.

Georgia has experienced high growth rates in recent years, only temporarily interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. An attractive business environment makes Georgia an interesting option for foreign direct investment.

The focus of economic policy advice in Georgia is on foreign trade, agro-economics and macroeconomic issues.



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  • Economic Monitor Georgia

    WA 18 | October 2023

    Economic growth in Georgia remains strong, but is slowly approaching long-term potential growth again. The boom, which was fueled in particular by the influx of Russian immigrants, is slowing down. The value of the lari against the US dollar stabilized last year after a strong appreciation in 2022, inflation is falling, monetary policy is slowly becoming looser and trade is developing strongly, particularly due to re-exports. The high budget deficit has been reduced. Not all the potential benefits of the DCFTA with the EU has been exploited already.

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