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Economic Monitor

The Economic Monitor, published every six months, provides a concise overview of the overall economic situation. Apart from general macroeconomic trends, current economic policy issues are also covered.

  • Economic Monitor Ukraine

    WA 15 | February 2022

    Ukraine experienced a sluggish economic recovery in 2021 driven by private consumption and a record agriculture harvest, but restricted by low investment. In 2022, Ukraine is forecast to grow moderately as well which is not enough to converge to its peers. The current key risk consists of an escalation of the tensions, caused by a massive build-up of Russian military activities close to Ukraine.

  • Economic Monitor Belarus

    WA 15 | February 2022

    The Belarusian economy steered through 2021 well, mainly due to the good external situation. However, uncertainty remains high for 2022/2023, especially with regard to the effect of sanctions on the economy.

  • Economic Monitor Moldova

    WA 15 | February 2022

    Moldova’s economy recovered strongly in 2021 reaching pre-crisis levels. For 2022, the outlook is marked by uncertainty due to high inflation. The restrictive monetary policy will likely dampen economic growth.

  • Economic Monitor Kosovo

    WA 02 | February 2022

    The Kosovar economy is recovering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. The country’s energy supply faces challenges.

  • Economic Monitor Georgia

    WA 15 | February 2022

    Georgia grew very strongly in 2021. The main drivers of growth were consumption and the partial recovery in tourism. The trend is expected to continue in 2022.

  • Economic Monitor Armenia

    WA 07 | February 2022

    The Armenian economy recovers on the back of higher consumption and a partial recovery of tourism inflows. Growth expectations for 2022/2023 remain positive.

  • Economic Monitor Uzbekistan

    WA 06 | February 2022

    Uzbekistan weathered the Corona pandemic well and grew strongly in 2021. This growth momentum is expected to be maintained in the coming years.