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GET participates in the German-Kosovar Economic Forum

8. July 2022

GET participates in the German-Kosovar Economic Forum

From July 5th to 7th, the German-Kosovar Economic Forum took place in Pristina. The German Economic Team also participated in the event, which was organised by the Kosovar-German Economic Association and the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.

7. July 2022

German Economic Team visits Armenian embassy in Berlin

On July 4th, the German Economic Team visited the Armenian Embassy in Berlin.

15. June 2022

Cooperation between CES and GET: Publication of third monthly report on the economic situation under war conditions

The Centre for Economic Strategy in Kyiv has published its third monthly report on the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine. The June edition was produced with the support of the German Economic Team.

25. May 2022

Georgia and the war in Ukraine: What economic impact?

At the invitation of the German Ambassador in Tbilisi, H.E. Hubert Knirsch, the German Economic Team was given the opportunity to speak on the economic impact of the war in Ukraine on Georgia.


4. May 2022

Moldova, Georgia, Armenia: Caught in the maelstrom of Russia’a downturn?

The Ukraine war and the sanctions imposed on Russia have a wide range of economic impacts. Particularly affected are countries that have close economic ties with Ukraine and Russia. Russia itself is experiencing a significant drop in GDP.

22. April 2022

The Ukrainian banking sector: Stability even in war-time?

The Ukrainian banking sector has so far shown remarkable resilience to the consequences of the war. What are the reasons for this, will the sector remain stable in the future and how can stability be secured and expanded?

13. April 2022

Panel Discussion on regional impacts of the Ukraine War

On 12.04.2022, the online panel on the impact of the Ukraine war on Moldova, Armenia and Georgia, jointly organised by the German Eastern Business Association and the German Economic Team, took place.

7. April 2022

The Western Balkans in the wake of the Ukraine war

On April 6th, the German Economic Team participated in a conference on the economic development of the Western Balkan countries. The event was organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Kosovar-German Business Association.

30. March 2022

“Ukrainian IT industry continues to operate as war rages on”

The article, published in EURACTIV, cites Garry Poluschkin on the implications of the war for the Ukrainian IT-sector.


16. March 2022

Policy Paper: The implications of the war in Ukraine for global grain supply – What to do?

Russia and Ukraine are among the largest grain producers in the world. Last year, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan accounted for about a quarter of global grain exports. What impact does the war in Ukraine have on supply security and world market prices?