New study presented: Improving the business climate and boosting investment

On 7th November 2019 the German Economic Team (GET) Moldova and European Business Association Moldova (EBA) presented their joint study “Improving the Business Climate – Boosting Investment: Proposals from European business in Moldova” at a common event. Content of the study: 21 reform proposals to improve the business climate and increase investment. In the audience: high-ranking representatives of the Government of Moldova, representatives of international organisations, European business executives, economic experts and media representatives.


Presentation of DCFTA-Study in Chisinau

On the 4th of July Dr. Ricardo Giucci, Managing Director of Berlin Economics, in the framework of the “International Conference on EU – Republic of Moldova DCFTA Implementation – 5 years of regional perspectives and steps forward” presented a Berlin Economics study on the economic impact of the deep and comprehensive free trade areas (DCFTA) on Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to high-level representatives of the EU Delegation and the Moldovan Government.


Conference MACRO 2018: “Moldova in 2018: making investments work for people and public good”

On October 19th, Woldemar Walter, Advisor to the German Economic Team Moldova, gave a lecture in the context of the conference ‘MACRO 2018’ on the influence of foreign direct investment (FDI) on the Moldovan economy, population and government.

As Woldemar Walter conclusively explained in his presentation, in Moldova, foreign direct investment, which is relatively low by international standards, has a major impact on the economy, the people and the government. For example, companies with foreign capital account for about 23% of total Moldovan value added and a high and growing share of exports.


Reporting on current topics of GET Moldova’s advisory work

Twice a year, we organise an event to inform about the German Economic Team Moldova’s advisory work. 

The event took place on July 4th in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Using this format we aim to provide an opportunity for representatives of German institutions to get background information about current economic developments.


Regional Business Forum in Moldova

On 3 July, Dr. Giucci gave a lecture at the regional forum “Moldova: Working Together to Support Growth” and presented the most important developments in the Moldovan banking sector since the fraud scandal, addressing particularities and potential economic problems.


10th Information meeting about high-level government consultation

On 23 January 2017 the six-monthly information meeting about high-level government consultation in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia was held at the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi). Representatives of the BMWi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the German Parliament, the Reconstruction Credit Institute and members of foundations, associations and other expert organisations attended the event.


Meeting with Moldovan journalists

On 25 November 2016 a group of Moldovan journalists from the news agency IPN visited the office of Berlin Economics. In the beginning Ricardo Giucci, director of Berlin Economics and project leader of the German Economic Team (GET) Moldova, gave a short introduction about the company.


GET Moldova meets Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

In the end of April experts of Berlin Economics had a meeting with Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu. During the meeting current activities of the German Economic Team Moldova – carried out by Berlin Economics – were presented. Mr. Candu highly appreciated experience of GET Molova gained through implemented activities in the country, which would be helpful for national economic policies.


GET Moldova and Expert Grup present concept for a reform of the National Financial Market Committee to Prime Minister Filip

Prime Minister’s office invited the German Economic Team to present its concept for a reform of the National Committee on Financial Stability (NCFS). Indeed, the fact that the committee in its current form proved inefficient in preventing and managing the current banking crisis, underlines the need for reform. Thus, taking into account the lessons learned in Moldova as well as the experience in other countries, GET Moldova together with our partner institute Expert Grup elaborated a reform concept for the Financial Stability Committee.


Presentation at MACRO 2015 Conference

Fostering economic and social security amid insecure times

The independent Moldovan think tank Expert-Grup and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung jointly hosted the annual MACRO 2015 Conference on economic and social security in Moldova. GET Moldova’s project manager Jörg Radeke was invited to hold a presentation on “How to avoid the banking crisis turning into a social system crisis”.


Information session on government consultancy in BMWi

The information session on governement consultancy in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova takes place twice a year in the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The specialist public consists of experts from various state institutions, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and business associations.  


Presentation at the 2. east forum Berlin

“Eastern Partnership countries between East and West:
Perspectives and challenges”

About 300 business representatives and politicians from 20 countries participated in the 2. east forum Berlin, which took place under the topic “Opportunities for an economic area from Lisbon to Vladivostok” again.