Digital conference on investment study Uzbekistan

On March 16th 2021, the Investment Study Uzbekistan Conference was held, organised by the Delegation of German Business in Central Asia and the German Economic Team, with the support of the Delegation of German Business for Central Asia, the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations and the German-Uzbek Business Council. In total, 69 people took part. The keynote speeches were held by Dr. Andreas Nicolin, Sub-Department Head at the BMWi, and the Head of the Investment Climate Department at the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Aleksey Sim, who thanked the German Economic Team for its work.

Download Policy Study 02/2020

The study was presented by David Saha of the German Economic Team. Based on a qualitative survey, German companies in Uzbekistan were asked about their reform proposals. The proposals were then evaluated by experts from the German Economic Team based on a number of criteria. The best 18 proposals were selected and presented in the study. Special attention was paid to a straightforward implementability of the proposals, which covers areas of the legal system, regulation of the private sector, regulation of state-owned enterprises and sector-specific reform proposals.