Online Briefing: Economic cooperation between the EU and associated countries

On November 23rd, LibMOD conducted an online briefing on the policy paper “Economic cooperation between the EU and associated countries”. Renowned experts on Eastern Europe commented on the paper written by Dr. Julia Langbein, who investigated the economic relationship between the EaP-countries and the European Union, particularly with hindsight to DCFTAs.

Hereby, the experts gave their opinion on the potentials of the Eastern Partnership. All participants agreed that the EU-EaP-Partnership has contributed substantially to modernise the economies of the association countries. However, the level of foreign direct investment remains unsatisfactory. In particular, Dr. Ricardo Giucci, Executive Director of Berlin Economics, highlighted the success of the DCFTAs, while stressing the importance of a better investment climate. Especially those sectors and companies, which have a realistic chance of succeeding on world markets, must be identified and strengthened. It is necessary to find new investors and to maintain existing investment partnerships. In order to unlock the potentials of the association countries and to attract investments promising long term growth prospect, private investors should be able to rely on a good investment framework enabling the Eastern Partnership countries to become attractive targets for investment.