The Belarusian economy: are real changes on the way?

On 9 March 2017 Robert Kirchner, Vice Project Leader of the German Economic Team Belarus (GET) participated in the conference “The Belarusian economy: are real changes on the way?” in Brussels. The conference was organized by the renowned European Think Tank Bruegel in cooperation with the wiiw (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies). Georg Zachmann (Bruegel, GET Belarus) presented the event.

The round table event served as an occasion to present and discuss a new study published by the wiiw about the current situation of the Belarusian economy. After the co-authors Kateryna Bornukova und Dzmitry Kruk (BEROC) presented the key findings, Mr. Kirchner commented on important aspects from the perspective of GET Belarus. Mr. Alexander Zabarovskiy, Senior Advisor of the Governor of the Belarusian National Bank also participated in the panel.

In the discussion afterwards many representatives of EU institutions (various Directorate Generals, EIB) and other institutions could elaborate on their opinion and collect new ideas for their further cooperation with Belarus. Here you can find further information about the event.