Meeting with Moldovan journalists

On 25 November 2016 a group of Moldovan journalists from the news agency IPN visited the office of Berlin Economics. In the beginning Ricardo Giucci, director of Berlin Economics and project leader of the German Economic Team (GET) Moldova, gave a short introduction about the company.

He described the consultants’ various activities, gave examples of their work routine and named the topics of consultation of GET Moldova.

Afterwards Jörg Radeke, project manager of GET Moldova, held a presentation about the Association Agreement and the DCFTA between the EU and Moldova. He explained, which trade barriers had been removed by the DCFTA and analysed its first impact on Moldova and the EU using recent data. He stressed that the free trade agreement would need time to unfold its full potential. Also he indicated positive and negative aspects of free trade in general and concluded his lecture with the remark that the DCFTA is compatible with other bilateral free trade agreements, but not with the membership in a customs union.

Afterwards the interested journalists asked questions about the presentation, topics on which GET Moldova provides consultation and asked for an assessment of Moldova’s further economic development.