Round table event in the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications

GET Moldova’s experts Jörg Radeke and Dr. Philip Steden presented a concept for an IT-Park in Moldova in the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.

The government plans to establish an IT-Park as an important measures of a broader package to facilitate Moldova’s IT sector development. To base this IT Park on best international practice, GET Moldova presented concepts of internationally successful IT-Parks during the well-attended round table conference. Mr. Steden, who is a head of unit at Berlin’s investment promotion agency “Berlin Partner”, informed the participant about Berlin’s experience in attracting IT companies and made recommendation how Moldova could copy the approach and adjust it to the country’s specific requirements.

GET Moldova argues that an IT-Park which follows their concept could provide an internationally competitive location for potential IT investors at relatively low costs and therefore would promote Moldova’s IT sector development. GET Moldova’s concept was received with much interest and vividly discussed in the following Q&A session. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Tarlev and his team, representatives from the Ministry of Economy, the Prime Ministers’ Office as well as representatives from IT businesses, the trade body ATIC and international donors.