German Economic Team presents at the 3rd EU-Moldova Forum in Balti

From 19th to 20th of June, the 3rd EU Moldova Forum was held in Balti. The Forum is a gathering of high level policy makers from Moldova and the EU as well as participants from the civil society.

The German Economic Team, represented by its coordinator Jörg Radeke, was invited to present its view on the question: “Benefits of DCFTA: What’s in it for the Citizens?”

Radeke outlined that Moldovan citizens could potentially be the group that benefits the most from the DCFTA. As with any free trade agreement successful implementation would reduce the cost of trading between the EU and Moldova which would reduce prices for many everyday goods. Lower prices, in turn, mean more money is left in the pocket for other purposes. This in combination with increased GDP and thus higher employment and wages could lead to a significant improvement in living standards in Moldova. However, all this depends on the successful implementation of the DCFTA. Radeke offered that the German Economic Team would continue to assist the government in the implementation process.

Panelist included Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Lazar, a close partner of our work, as well as Minister of Agriculture Bumacov. Thus the panel discussion and the EU Moldova Forum in general represented a valuable opportunity to promote the work of the German Economic Team Moldova.

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