Breakfast Briefing: Moldova between “East and West”

May 16, GET Moldova’s experts jointly with our partner institute Expert Grup from Chisinau held a press conference on the topic: “Moldova between “East and West”: Are good trade relations with EU and Customs Union possible after all?”

Numerous representatives from print and online newspapers, as well as radio and TV-channels attended the Breakfast Briefing. Ricardo Giucci (GET Moldova) explained why free trade with “East and West” is not contradictory. Parallel free trade agreements with the European Union and the CIS- states could serve as the best instruments to achieve this objective. A corner stone for establishing free trade is already in place, Giucci said and pointed to the already existing free trade agreements with all CIS-States. The meanwhile signed Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU will therefore strengthen and intensify Trade with East and West. Because it is a bilateral agreement between the EU and Moldova, the DFCTA is neither for judicial nor for economic reasons causing conflicts with the existing agreements with the countries of the Customs Union.

Nonetheless Russia could react to the signing of the DCFTA for political reasons with trade restrictions or other economic sanctions. This could have an impact on Moldova’s fruit exports, as Giucci pointed out during the press conference. The Moldovan government can however implement countermeasures, as Radeke (GET Moldova) pointed out. He recommended increasing the EU’s import quotas for Moldovan agricultural products to create an alternative for the Russian Market.

Finally, the economists assessed the economic risks in case Russia would restrict access to the Russian labor market for Moldovan guest-workers.

The Breakfast Briefing was followed by a high media response. Please find further down the links to some articles related (in Romanian) as well as GET Moldova’s policy advice material on the topics.

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