Meeting with Deputy Minister Anatoliy Maksiuta

Ukraine currently faces major economic challenges, as the economy itself is stagnant and needs reforms. When the German Advisory Group met with Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade Anatoliy Maksiuta, a necessary reform agenda for Ukraine was discussed.

The German Advisory Group presented their Economic Reform Agenda for Ukraine which is based on sound research and experience.
The suggested reforms will strengthen macroeconomic stability and foster economic development. A favorable investment climate and SME growth can easily be promoted by addressing issues like accounting standards, taxation , unnecessary bureaucracy and, in particular, corruption.

Addressing all issues at the same time will be problematic, admit the experts, and yet the current situation longs for action.
Deputy Minister Maksiuta stressed the necessity to stabilize the economy as soon as possible and his readiness to take advantage of other countries’ professional advice: “We will be glad to take your advice and use it to formulate our programs, as specific advice simplifies our work and helps to avoid errors. We are determined to change.”

Economic Reform Agenda for Ukraine