Seminar in Moldova’s National Bank (BNM) about “Current Account Sustainability”

The economists of the German Economic Team (GET) Moldova have carried out a seminar in Moldova’s National Bank (BNM) in order to present their latest policy advice on ‘Current Account Sustainability’.

Based on the findings presented in GET Moldova’s latest policy paper PP/01/2013, the team argues that Moldova’s current account deficit is not sustainable and needs to be reduced in the medium- to long-term. Following an analysis of the causes of Moldova’s persistent current account deficit, the economists provide relevant policy advice on how the government should go about to reduce the deficit. In addition to the colleagues of the National Bank, the seminar was attended by staff of the other ministries, such as the Ministry of Economy. The success of the seminar shows once more, that, in addition to bilateral meetings, such events remain an important instrument to present economic policy recommendations.