Newsletter Issue 65 | July – August 2020

Current trends in the ICT sector: Pandemic as opportunity?

After the Belarusian ICT sector had already undergone impressive development in previous years, the current COVID-19 crisis has further accelerated this trend: in the first seven months of the year, the ICT sector’s share in GDP reached 7.6% – significantly higher than in the previous year (6.2%). A key factor is the sector’s strong export orientation, which generated total revenues of USD 2.4 bn in 2019 (equivalent to 25% of total service exports).

What explains this success? In addition to the good availability of highly qualified employees with a background in natural science, another important factor is the Hi-Tech Park (HTP), which was founded in 2005 and offers companies a special environment for doing business. Against the background of the accelerated trend towards digitisation, further prospects for the industry are broadly positive, even if current political developments are creating a considerable amount of uncertainty.

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